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About Us

We are an world-class manufacturer of high quality package and storage items supply for more than 16 years in China.

The Word Forever in FSS provides a constant reminder of the core philosophies driving our business as a manufacturer of high quality consumer products.

It takes FAITH to go into business and OPTIMISIM to remain in business.
It takes RESPONSIBLILITY to guarantee quality and EFFICIENCY to supply the VALUE customers paid for.
It takes true EMOTION to cater to every customer’s unique need.
The REWARD we enjoy for succeeding is what business is ultimately about,and that is Happiness!

What we do?
We mainly production lines:

Wine packaging box
Leather storage box
Photo Frame & Album
Wine bag & tote
Wine rack & stand
Jewelry & Cosmetic & watch boxes
Gift Boxes 

What we are?
We have been focus on the wine package designs & manufacturing for more than 15 years. We have been working with more than 20 famous brands in the world,like : 
Jonny walker
Cutty Sark
Number 20
Chivas Regal
Folli Follie
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